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AdvanceRIT Connect Grants

The Connect Grants Overview

The ADVANCE Connect@RIT project, Faculty Career Development Services, and the Office of the Provost offer this NEW grants program to support leadership and career development for all tenured and tenure-track faculty at RIT. The Connect Grants Program includes two distinct funding tracks. The first is a “Faculty/Faculty Group” Connect Grant available to individuals or faculty groups (formal or ad hoc), tenured and tenure-track faculty and the second is a “Department” Connect Grant. For both tracks, successful grant proposals will support one or more of the Connect@RIT project goals.

Faculty/Faculty Group Connect Grants are designed to broaden faculty opportunities and enhance plans of work associated with tenure and promotion preparation and overall career advancement. Department Connect Grants support creative department level efforts to guide and manage faculty through various career stages and project oriented work to facilitate institutional transformation. Approximately $80,000 is available for the overall Connect Grants program with an anticipated number of awards of approximately ten depending upon the review and evaluation of the proposals in relation to the selection criteria.

Eligibility All current tenured and tenure-track RIT faculty are eligible to apply for a Faculty/Faculty Group Connect Grants and all current department heads, chairs, and academic unit directors are eligible to apply for a Department Connect Grants. The ADVANCE Connect@RIT project supports the funding of awarded Faculty/Faculty Group for eligible women faculty within STEM/SBS disciplines and for Department Connect Grants within STEM/SBS disciplines. The Office of the Provost and Faculty Career Development Services has provided support to expand the Request for Proposals to all full-time, tenured and tenure-track faculty in all disciplines.

Grant Schedule for AY 2014
Call for Proposals: December 9, 2013
Applications Due: January 17, 2014
Decisions Announced: February 3, 2014
Year – End Report:September 5, 2014

Please download the following documents to read more about the Connect Grants and develop your proposal.

Download the full Connect Grants Request for Proposals.

Download the Connect Grants Rationale.

Download the Connect Grants Selection Criteria.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What departments are considered to be STEM and/or SBS?

A: While all departments are eligible for the Connect Grants due to additional support from the Provost's Office, you can Download a list of the STEM/SBS departments here.