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Jenn Smith Wins 1st Place in Project Management

Jenn Smith Wins 1st Place in Project Management

Rochester Institute of Technology is prestigiously known for its technological advancements, enhanced research findings, and preparing some of the most tech savvy engineers in the world. Jennifer Smith is a prime example of how hard work, dedication and perseverance can ultimately lead to continued success, even after graduation. Jenn, a 5th year mechanical engineer major and program assistant at AdvanceRIT, recently attended the Formula Hybrid competition in New Hampshire as the prime leader of an all-female team.

As the RIT Hot Wheelz Formula SAE Electric Team project manager, Jenn faced a tremendous amount of pressure to successfully guide her team throughout the competition and stand out from other competitors. Although being crowned the first place winner was the desired goal, Jenn and her teammates ultimately wanted to showcase their final product, an 82 horsepower, 700 lb. electric Formula-style race car, which was crafted together on late nights and early mornings with lots of energy drinks! In the end, Jenn rose to the top of the charts with a perfect presentation in program management with a score of 100%. The Hot Wheelz team also won third place overall in the electric category, third place in design and received the GM Spirit of Formula Hybrid award, as well as the FCA Gracious Professionalism Award.

By the end of May, Jennifer Smith will have walked across the RIT stage with her all black cap/gown and gold tassel of honor. As most engineering majors would readily admit, obtaining a degree in engineering, whether mechanical, chemical or another, is no walk in the park. However, Jenn decided to take that walk and is now steadily approaching the finish line. Just like her Hot Wheelz presentation score, she’ll surely rise to the top of whichever company she chooses to work for.

Congratulations Jennifer Smith on your wonderful accomplishments and always continue to be the great engineer and innovator you are!