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CREW presents 20/20 Research in Focus: SUSTENANCE

CREW presents 20/20 Research in Focus: SUSTENANCE

November 9, 2016
GIS Auditorium (81)-1130
3:30-5:00 PM

"Faced with a growing population and shrinking pool of natural resources, society faces an unprecedented challenge to provide a resilient food supply, while also recognizing that food supply and security, energy and water, economy and environment, and human health are inextricably connected.  In this session, three RIT faculty will showcase research and teaching innovations that aim to address this global challenge." These three presenters are:

  • Dr. Gabrielle Gaustad, Talk: Satisfying Society's Technology Cravings
  • Pamela Berkley, Talk: Feeding Hungry Minds
  • Dr. Elizabeth Ruder, Talk: Meeting the NEEDs of Rochester Families

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