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Moumita Das, Scialog Fellow, Wins Grants from the Moore Foundation

Moumita Das, Scialog Fellow, Wins Grants from the Moore Foundation

Rochester Institute of Technology professor Moumita Das has won seed funding for cutting-edge research that explores mitochondrial DNA and intercellular cargo transport.

Das, an assistant professor in RIT’s School of Physics and Astronomy, is a Scialog Fellow on two research teams supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Last April, the Moore Foundation, Research Corporation, and Simons Foundation sponsored the conference Scialog: Molecules Come to Life, which brought together approximately 50 young researchers who work at the intersection of biology and the physical sciences. The Scialog fellowship program encourages collaboration among theorists and experimentalists who propose research in promising areas considered too risky for traditional funding sources.

The three science philanthropies have awarded seed funding totaling $963,750 to six teams of 15 scientists. Das won a combined $112,000 in two awards, for her work on teams investigating “Heteroplasmy: Population dynamics of mitochondria in mammalian cells” with Daniel Needleman from Harvard University and Douglas Weibel from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and “Commoditizing advanced molecular imaging techniques” with Ibrahim Cissé from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Megan Valentine from University of California, Santa Barbra; and Ali Yanik from University of California, Santa Cruz.

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