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Helping to End Gender Bias with Advocates & Allies

Helping to End Gender Bias with Advocates & Allies

Gender equity is not just a women’s issue, said Marcos Esterman, and he is part of a campus group that believes it is attainable if men and women work together.

Esterman is a member of Advocates & Allies, a new campus program in which male colleagues help improve campus culture overall and support advancement of female faculty.

With women underrepresented nationally in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, as well as academic leadership positions, such advocacy is seen as necessary for leveling the playing field.

At RIT, improving female and African, Latin and Native American (AALANA) faculty recruitment and retention are some of the identified challenges.

Subtle actions such as stifling women’s suggestions in faculty meetings, passing over deserving women for promotion or tenure, or offering inadequate resources for research are just some examples of gender bias, ones that Esterman and many of his male colleagues would like to help address.

To read more about Advocates and Allies, please visit the RIT University News.