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P-Cubed (Promotion Package Preparation) was a new initiative that started when a few faculty women discussed the idea of getting together to prepare their packages for promotion to full professor. The idea was brought to Advance at the end of the 2015 academic year. Advance and CREW collaborated on this initiative. CREW reps from every college were informed about this new group and asked for names of women faculty who were planning to submit their promotion materials in Fall of 2017. These women were contacted and invited to join this peer support group. The group wound up consisting of seven faculty from five different colleges (Science, Engineering, Applied Science & Technology, Computing and NTID).

Four meetings were held. Three of those meetings were only open to the P Cubed group. One meeting was open to any interested faculty. For the P cubed only meetings, there was a discussion topic and a suggested “assignment” to complete before the meeting:

  1. Session One: College Policies: June, 2016
  2. Session Two: Research Statements and External Letters: July, 2016
  3. Session Three: Title: P3 presents: Promotion to Professor: Making a Compelling Case- A Discussion with the Provost and Senior Leaders; August, 2016 Session Feedback
  4. Session Four: Prep Time: September, 2016

Group Launch, 2017

*Expanding to all faculty -Lecturers and Tenure-stream Faculty -All genders -Affinity groups will be offered

P&T Smarts Presents: Promotion to Full Professor: Strategies for Preparing a Strong Case

April 21, 2017 2:00 - 4:00 PM


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