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Policy Reviews & Enhancements

Members of the AdvanceRIT team are actively participating on the Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Sub-committee to address important university policies, such as tenure clock extension and flexible work arrangements, parental leave, and other issues that impact women faculty’s recruitment, retention and advancement. The team is also working with Academic Affairs, Human Resources, the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to assess needs and identify potential enhancements associated with faculty exit surveys, faculty and department head annual reviews, dual-career hire initiatives, and unconscious bias education.

Revisions to the policy on annual reviews for faculty (E7.0), led by Professor Maureen Valentine (co-PI), were approved by the Academic Senate on May 16, 2013. Revisions focused on standardization of items to be evaluated, information to be used during the evaluation, purposes of the evaluation, and process steps. Additional changes were made to the Plan of Work timeline to accommodate the change from quarters to semesters, the budget cycle, and the contract dates. Since then, additional revisions have been made and updated to E7.0. 

The RIT Tenure Policy (E5.0) was revised significantly to improve readability and clarity.  The revised policy was vetted through Academic Senate over an 18-month period, adopted by the Academic Senate in the spring of 2014 and approved by President Destler shortly thereafter. This revised policy was effective with beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year. Dr. Margaret Bailey (PI) co-led the effort, and revisions include a newly proposed provision to allow a tenure clock extension (one year) for a faculty member who becomes a parent through the birth or adoption of a child.

Faculty Exit Survey: Professor Maureen Valentine and Dr. Margaret Bailey co-lead a cross-divisional team that includes Human Resources, the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, and Academic Affairs. The committee has finalized and launched a faculty exit survey instrument and associated protocol. The survey instrument and process for implementation were finalized in May 2013. The faculty exit process kicked off in June 2013 and will continue in the future. It is now a system within the RIT Human Resources and Academic Affairs units.   

For additional information about policy updates, please visit the recent updates section of the Governance Policy Library by clicking here.