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Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)

The NSF ADVANCE program lays out four research questions as a framework for universities to document progress towards institutional transformation. One of these questions, “What is the allocation of resources (salaries, start-up packages, and space) for science and engineering faculty by gender?”
The Resource Allocation Committee works to answer this question.

Faculty Salary Study

The AdvanceRIT Resource Allocation Committee directs and oversees a salary gender-equity study of tenure-track faculty from across the university (including those in STEM, SBS, and non-STEM/SBS). The goal is to understand the direct and indirect effects that gender may have on faculty salary. The RAC examines salaries for potential systematic differences:

  • Discipline
  • Rank
  • Time in Rank
  • Terminal Degree
  • Benchmark Salary (based on discipline/rank)
  • Overall Performance Rating (not separate performance ratings in teaching, research, or service

Does NOT account directly for scholarships quantity or quality, teaching evaluations, workload portfolio, experience prior to RIT, etc.

Tenured and Pre-Tenure faculty only, excludes deans and associate deans, endowed chairs


Data: 2014 salary after annual merit review and market adjustments for 699 T-TT RIT faculty.

External Consultant: Center for Higher Education at Ohio University, hired through transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) process

  • RIT Human Resources/Ohio University protocol for data exchange
  • Preprocessing of data
  • RAC only saw aggregate results

Statistical Methodology:

  • Regression model to observe effects of independent variables in explaining salary


Executive Summary emailed to all faculty; Presentation emailed to Deans

Journey Has Just Begun

-Executive Summary emailed to all faculty; Presentation emailed to Deans
-Open Campus Presentations
-RAC Poster has been Developed

Moving Forward
-Engage more faculty in the dialogue
-Continue analyses with more complex models

Committee Members:

Co-Chair: Kit Mayberry, VP of Strategic Planning & Special Initiatives
Co-Chair: Margaret Bailey, AdvanceRIT PI
Stephen Aldersley, Associate VP for Academic Affairs, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Christine Licata, Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Rich Dirmyer, Director of Institutional Research, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Judy Bender, Assistant VP of Human Resources
Joan Graham, Assistant VP of Institutional Research
Carol Marchetti, AdvanceRIT co-PI
Pengcheng Shi, PhD Program Director in Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Christine Ross, Assistant Director of Compensation