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The AdvanceRIT project has adopted a multi-frame organizational analysis approach from Bolman and Deal to improve understanding of organizational issues at RIT. This approach integrates several aspects of organizational theory, including structural, human resources, political, and symbolic perspectives, and suggests the use of each as a “frame” or “lens” for viewing the organization and the strategic approaches created to change the organization. This approach has been instrumental in improving understanding of the organization; ensuring that the set of proposed interventions are designed to positively impact RIT at the structural, human resource, political, and symbolic levels; and strongly supporting the sustainability of successful grant activities beyond the length of the grant, due to the broad and embedded nature of the proposed interventions.


The AdvanceRIT project includes both formative and summative evaluation guided by the NSF AdvanceRIT Evaluation Plan. The project’s internal evaluator primarily focuses on formative evaluation while the external evaluators conduct an annual analysis for summative assessment purposes and provide feedback on the formative assessment process (including metrics development). The first two project goals (regarding recruitment, retention, advancement, and leadership representation) will be measured quantitatively through NSF Indicators. However, goals 3 and 4 (regarding improved social networking behaviors and institutionalizing interventions) require a more diverse evaluation plan. A set of outcomes (late and intermediate) is used in assessing progress toward grant goals.