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Career Success

AdvanceRIT is committed to promoting the career success of women faculty in STEM.  The following resources are particularly useful as we strive to move forward in this area.

Work/Life Climate

Building a Business Case for Flexible Work Arrangements: Resources RIT

Gender Bias in Faculty Teaching Evaluations: Key Journal Articles and Additional Resources RIT

Title IX and Pregnancy Discrimination:  Who Knew? Tools For Change

How to Help New Faculty Settle In: Common Problems and Alternate Solutions University of Michigan

Best Practices for Creating a Positive Departmental Climate University of Michigan

Mutual Mentoring; Career Advising

Post-tenure Mentoring White Paper: Reimagining Promotion to Full Professor Pat Scanlon

Giving and Getting Career Advice: A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty University of Michigan

Effective Mentoring Workshop Talya Meyerowitz

Mentoring Relationship Handout AdvanceRIT

Mutual Mentoring Guide Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Mentoring Strategies Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Needs Worksheet Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Academic Leaders Presentation Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Mid-Career Presentation Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Mutual Mentoring for Early Career and Underrepresented Faculty: Model, Research, and Practice Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ph.D.

Bias & Diversity

Questions to Consider During Promotion and Tenure Review Process: Understanding How Unconscious Bias Influences Decision AdvanceRIT

Case Study for Avoiding Unintended Bias in Letters of Recommendation NCWIT

Male Advocates and Allies: Promoting Gender Diversity in Technology Workplaces NCWIT

Tips: 8 Ways to Increase Male Advocacy NCWIT

How Negative Bias and Positive Bias Affect Faculty Members' Professional Lives on a Daily Basis University of Michigan

Faculty Hiring

Effective recruitment and hiring practices are critical to affecting positive change for women faculty in STEM.  The following links provide useful resources for department chairs, deans and faculty search committees.

Office of Faculty Recruitment RIT

Human Resources RIT

Handbook for Faculty Searches and Hiring University of Michigan

Positive and Problematic Practices in Faculty Recruitment University of Michigan